“SITHISAK” refers to strength of achieving supreme interest of justice. DEVARAJA, King of all divinities, makes journeys by a royal vehicle “NAGA”, which represents Khmer territory, to render divine justice to Humanity through his divine power.  

SITHISAK is a General Practice Law Office in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It was created and began servicing its clients in 2010. Despite our recent inception, we have been gradually establishing ourselves ever since as a major legal service provider in the Kingdom with a clear vision for our future growth, earning trust from both local and foreign businesses and investors, as well as private individuals who seek our tax and legal assistance for their various matters, whether they are contentious or non-contentious ones, or business or non-business ones. We also have extensive experience assisting various ministries and governments agencies in dealing with many regulatory reform and development projects.

We are recognized for our practically-oriented tax and legal advice and our dedicated representation as well as for our culture of honesty and trustworthiness, professional ethics, and particularly collaboration since we believe that client’s success determines our own. To ensure both, “Partnering with our Clients” is a perfect expression of our approach in handling all the clients’ needs using our expertise, devotion, and best efforts.

Being fully committed to the above uncompromising values and integrity - as also pointed out through our firm’s adopted appellation - defines our efforts and determination to live up to the aspirations of the legal profession.